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Distribution Control Features

Distribution Control FeaturesSEL-351RS KESTRELSEL-351RSEL-651RSEL-651RASEL-734B
Distribution Feeder Protection 
Breaker Failure Protectionƒƒƒƒ 
Generator Intertie Protection  
Recloser Control 
Synchronism Check  
Underfrequency Load Shedding 
Undervoltage Load Shedding 
27/59 Under-/Overvoltage 
32 Directional Power Elements  
50 (P,N,G,Q) Overcurrent Element (Phase, Neutral, Ground, Neg. Seq.) 
51 (P,N,G,Q) Time-Overcurrent Element (Phase, Neutral, Ground, Neg. Seq.) 
67 (P,N,Q) Directional Overcurrent (Phase, Neutral, Neg. Seq.)  
81 Over-/Underfrequency 
Separate Neutral Overcurrent 
Load-Encroachment Supervision  
Low-Energy Analog (LEA) Voltage Inputs   
Directional Sensitive Earth Fault Protection  
Pilot Protection Logic ƒƒ 
Rate-of-Change-of-Frequency (df/dt)  
Harmonic Blocking 
Arc Sense Technology (AST) High-Impedance Fault Detection   
Phantom Phase Voltage 
Current/Voltage Channels1/14/4
Instrumentation and Control
79 Automatic Reclosing 
Fault Locating 
SELogic Control Equations With Remote Control Switches
SELogic Counters
Voltage Check on Closing
SELogic Nonvolatile Latch
Nonvolatile Local Control Switches 
Display Points
Breaker/Recloser Wear Monitor 
Trip Coil Monitorƒƒƒƒ 
Voltage Sag, Swell, and Interruption (VSSI) 
Load/Signal Profile Recorder
Sequential Events Recorder
DNP3 Level 2 Outstation
IEEE C37.118 Synchrophasors  
IEC 61850  
Simple Time Network Protocol (SNTP)  
Harmonic Metering 
RMS Metering 

Standard Feature

Model Option

ƒ This function may be created using settings


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