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Wireless Communications Features

Wireless Communications FeaturesSEL-3031SEL-3060SEL-3061SEL-2924SEL-2925
Wireless Communications for SCADA 
High-Speed Teleprotection    
Distribution Automation  
Wireless Communications for Synchrophasor Data  
Substation-to-Substation Communications Link   
Anti-Island Detection  
Wireless Communications for Distributed Generation  
Permanent Wireless Cable Replacement 
Temporary Wireless Cable Replacement    
Remote Engineering Access  
Short-Range Engineering Access
LAN Extension   
Wireless Backhaul Communications for Fault and Load Transmitters   
915 MHz ISM Band (Unlicensed)   
2.4 GHz ISM Band (Unlicensed)  
Serial Communication 
Ethernet Communication   
Low Latency for Teleprotection    
SEL Mirrored Bits Communications-Compatible    
Compatible With DNP3 and Typical Byte-Oriented Protocols
Point-to-Multipoint Capability   
Celluar Capability    
EIA-232 Port (Quantity)3 111
Wired EIA-485 Port+    
Site Analysis Tool (Spectrum Analyzer)    
High Maximum Throughput (1Mbps or greater)   
Device Status LEDs
Visible Link Quality Indicator   
Setup Method
USB Port    
Secure Web Interface Via Ethernet Port   
Control (DIP) Switches   
Wireless Configuration
Simple Network Management Protocol    

Standard Feature

Model Option

ƒ With SEL-3044 Encryption Card Option


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