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Microgrid Controls

Distributed Energy Resource and Load Management to Keep the Lights On


SEL microgrid control systems are efficient, reliable, and secure solutions for guaranteeing uninterrupted energy delivery to your facility and customers. They control and protect both renewable and conventional generation. SEL systems allow you to operate independently, ensuring a constant supply of energy after the loss of the utility point of common coupling (PCC). SEL microgrid control systems also let you manage energy storage to maximize renewable generation and reduce peak charges.

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Key Offerings

  • Blackout prevention technology
  • Deterministic microgrid controllers
  • Integrated protection systems
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing
  • Control of PCC
  • Seamless islanding controls
  • Inverter and conventional dispatch
  • Renewable generation integration
  • Integrated power quality metering
  • Emissions and cost optimization
  • Grid support functions


SEL Products Keep Bay Waters Blue

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SEL Products Keep Bay Waters Blue


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