Success Stories

SEL Protective Relay Withstands EF5 Tornado

After an EF5 tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, in 2011, Empire District Electric Company teamed up with SEL to swiftly rebuild one of its substations and uncovered a tornado-proof SEL protective relay.

Microgrid System Ensures UCSD Facilities Always Have Power

SEL Engineering Services created a microgrid control solution for one of the nation’s top research universities (UC San Diego), featuring SEL's powerMAX Power Management and Control System.

SEL Helps Duke Energy Achieve Microgrid Simplicity

Duke Energy's construction of a microgrid project at their McAlpine Creek Subtation uses off-the-shelf SEL components.

Drillship Solves Power Challenge and Saves Big

SEL created a reliable power management system that enables Jasper Offshore’s floating drillships to operate at full capacity.

powerMAX Prevents Blackouts at Motor Oil Hellas Refinery

One of the largest oil refineries in Europe relies on the SEL powerMAX Power Management and Control System to provide protection and wide-area control, effectively mitigating power blackouts and maximizing process uptime.

Protecting Uruguay’s 500 kV System

Uruguay’s La Administración Nacional de Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas (UTE) collaborated with SEL to design a remedial action scheme that maintains power to key cities, avoiding system blackouts.

Power Metering: Water Utility Savings Success

FKAA is realizing $600,000 (USD) per year in electrical cost savings using the data provided by SEL meters.

Vietnam Electricity Achieves Reliability in Harsh Environments With SEL Relays in the Yard

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) decreased its substation modernization costs and increased system reliability by deploying durable SEL relays in its substation yard cabinets, where temperatures can reach a sweltering 85°C (185°F) with 95 percent humidity.

Distribution Automation: Westar Improves Reliability, Conserves Energy

Westar Energy discovered how SEL Distribution Automation could help them reduce energy losses and improve reliability, paving the way for Westar to achieve system-wide benefits.

Mine Discovers Arc-Flash Detection Saves Lives and Equipment

A rodent-triggered arc flash event confirms the value of SEL’s arc-flash mitigation technology for a global mining firm.

SCADA System Sheds Light on Texas Utility’s Power System

A small municipal utility with a modest budget implemented a complete SEL SCADA system to improve its operational safety and efficiency.

SEL Helps Vietnam Electricity Slash Substation Modernization Costs

SEL partnered with a local integrator to help Vietnam Electricity (EVN) modernize more than 30 substations for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches, which saved the utility $495,000 (USD) on just one project alone.

Spain Achieves Superior Transmission Protection and Monitoring

Red Eléctrica installed about 2,500 SEL-421 Protection, Automation, and Control System Relays across their system. By adopting the SEL-421 Relays, Red Eléctrica can maintain system stability.

SEL Brings NamPower Into 21st Century

NamPower implements a state of the art solution incorporating advanced power protection, automation and control, all based on Ethernet communications using IEC 61850.